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    Thumbs up Congratulations Everyone Our First Font Has Launched

    I am so proud of you all. The Celebrated Fonts and Typography Forum Typographers have not only released Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG but have two more fonts in production. I'm confident that when the world sees your efforts they will be bragging on you -- but there is no reason we can't do a little bragging ourselves.

    When you download the finished font archive you will find two expertly crafted versions of the font, on in TrueType format and the other in OpenType format. Surrounding these two gems is a raft of well prepared documention -- The Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG Keyfinder pdf that shows each character and the keystrokes used to access each ornament and a Fontlog.txt that tell how the font came to be created and who was involved;
    (Hint: Angelize (Frances), Barbara B (Barbara), Christine Farrelly (Christine), Gare (Gary) , Mwenz (Mike), Purrfeck (Michele), Soquili (Bill), and Wizard509 (Larry)
    and everything you need to know about how the font is licenced (SIL Open Font Licence) that allows you to use this font freely in commercial and non-commercial projects, including on the web as a @fontface provided font.

    One of the benefits that flows to us is that all the care, research, and attention to detail that the group has put into createing and packaging the Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG font can now be used as a template for the groups other font projects and because we have conducted this project online anyone reading these threads in the future can easily follow our lead.

    Barbara Bouton
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    The Xara Xone website developer. | TheBoutons.com

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    Default Re: Congratulations Everyone Our First Font Has Launched

    thx Barbara

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    Default Re: Congratulations Everyone Our First Font Has Launched





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