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Thread: Creating Arrows

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    Tip from Tonylondon

    Creating Arrows
    I was pleased to learn about the use of the ctrl key to create double ended arrows. Here are two more tips. Apologies if they have already been mentioned in the forum.
    To create two way arrows. Simple two way arrows can be made by kloning, reversing and nudging. For more complex paths do the following:
    1. Create, say, 8 point path.
    2. Convert to shape, remove fill and add 2 point stroke
    3. With shape edit tool, marqee select the two end points and break at points and repeat for other end.
    4. & 5, With select tool select and delete the transverse arrows at each end
    To create more interesting arrow shapes:
    1. Convert arrow to shape
    2. Stretch sideways
    3. Apply mould shape (see shareware page...) and finish with a gradient fill.

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