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    Default Art brush for railway layout design

    Here's an example document showing a simple art brush to draw railway track and a simple "turnout" component that you can snap together to create layouts.

    I've just done one turnout with a set radius but it's a live copy so changing one will change all (for instance if you want to add more details) and it would be easy to create turnouts with different radii, crossovers, curved turnouts, etc. using the same technique.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    SImple Railway Layout 3.xar

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    Default Re: Art brush for railway layout design

    Hey, thanks Phil! Works pretty slick.


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    Default Re: Art brush for railway layout design

    Clearly on the right track with that approach, with some excellent points made. You must be really chuff, chuffed with that Phil... ;-)




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