Today a new forum, Fonts and Typography opened, along with three subforums. These forums are areas where we invite the TG community to learn about and discuss fonts and typography and as a place show off their font skills.

Angelize, Rik and Wizard509 have graciously agreed to moderate these forums. All three moderators along with handrawn, and Gare have put in a lot of time and effort working through how the font will work and developing some initial content for the forums. These folks deserve a big round of applause for their efforts and I offer them my sincerest appreciation.

The new forums are for general font and typography topics and discussion so, for example, if you need to know what kerning is this the place to go, but if you need to know where the kerning controls are in Xara Designer for example you should post in Xara Graphics chat.

The three subforums are

Name That Font is where fonts can be identified and the various names they may go under are recorded.
Font First Aid is area where users can collaborate on fixing broken fonts.
Free & Fixed Fonts Gallery is a moderated forum where fonts that have been created by TG users or fonts that have been fixed in the Font First Aid forum can be seen and downloaded.

In the main Fonts and Typography forum in addition to all kinds of discussion about fonts and typography there is a monthly Font Play challenge. Each month a font is chosen and TG folks are encouraged to create artwork or layouts that showcase the beauty or utility of the font.

Please be sure to read the sticky threads for details about the rules specific to each forum.