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    Default Lighting Effects

    Right well I downloaded this thing to try and make a header title for my blog. I wanted the name of the blog in a simple color and then have a light sweep across it or like a quick flash. It should do it twice then not again.

    The thing is, I made the image I wanted incredibly quickly. Then I started playing with the lighting. I have one white light above the image (north pole) and one below. I then have the third to the left at first and I want it to sweep directly right and circle the image slowly and completely twice and then the animations stops. The thing is, I can see the beautiful effect when I physically move the lights myself but I see no way of have the computer move them for me. I'd really like to do this. If Xara 3D cannot do it, is there some program out there that can?

    I ran a search on this forum and on google and still came up empty handed. I really hope you all can help.

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    Default Re: Lighting Effects

    Hello and welcome to the forum, Locutus.

    Xara3d can indeed animate the lights. When you highlight an object to select animation or other effects for it, the animation dialogue box normally shows a tick box for Text, and one for Lights, as well as for various parameters depending on the animation style. If you tick the Lights box, the animation will apply to the light sources, which will then move accordingly. If you have multiple objects, each object can have different parameters, but there are only one set of lights, so animating lights is global.

    With an animation like Rotate, the lights can rotate in a different direction or axis from the objects, and the objects can even be static, just untick the Text box.





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