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    Default Re: A Planet-Building Tutorial

    Indeed, it's a multi-stage transparency. I wanted to firm up the boundaries of the ice caps a little, and figured a profile would do the trick. Easiest fix would be to do the caps one at a time instead of both on the same disc, methinks.

    Thanks for the info! I'll check out the .pdf tute itself once I feel like I'm done with the chapter, I expect there are lots of nuggets in there based on the great stuff posted above!
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    Default When Worlds Collide (woo-eee-oooh)

    Attached is a "medium-simple" Xara animation file.

    I'm certain anyone can do it better after reading the animation chapter!

    I just wanted to demonstrate that in a Flash animation, you can fake the look of moving stuff in three dimensions.

    Pop goes the Planet

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    Default Re: A Planet-Building Tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    Planet Xtremus and it's two moons, Xarian and Camelot.

    Attachment 67656

    Thanks for the inspiration Gare.
    Wow Steve, Your planets rocks.
    Very well done




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