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    Question menu bars top and bottom

    Hi ..i am a new user of MM1.1 and find it great however I am trying to get rid of the bars which are automatically placed at the top and bottom of each menu it detracts from the menu and gives a boxed in appearance...does anyone know how to get rid of this...i publish using microsoft frontpage xp



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    Default Re: menu bars top and bottom

    Hello Tickety,

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    Could you post a link so we can see the menu?

    The following link open a sample menu I created with MenuMaker 1.1 and as you can see there are no bars top or bottom. SampleMenu

    It may be the bars are part of the template you selected or something that Frontpage is throwing in unexpectedly. By providing a link to your menu it will be easier to determine the cause of the bars.
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    Default Re: menu bars top and bottom

    I encountered the same results as you. What I did was edit the .js script that menu maker published. It is a bit weird, but works for me. I search for any occurrence of say "top". It will be something like "your_button_top". I delete the text between the quotes and it works fine. Do the same thing for "bottom".
    Hope this helps.
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