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    Post Add Danish dictionary to Xara

    Hi all.

    Don't know if this is the right thread to ask this questions in.
    It's about Xara, though not really graphical.

    I would very much like to add my native Danish language to Xara.

    I just can't find any information about this in the online manual.
    - Where can I find a compatible dictionary?
    - Where do I install it?

    Does any one have some good clues ?

    All the best,


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    Default Re: Add Danish dictionary to Xara

    Jake, what is your current Xara product and version?
    Are you still v18?

    I tried searching and downloading the da_DK.aff, da_DK.dic and hyph_da_DK.dic files online - LibreOffice has https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreof...ies/tree/da_DK for example.
    I added these into the disctionary path (mine is C:\Program Files\Xara\Xara Designer Pro+\dict\); it is a Registry setting named Hunspell, the dictionary file format used.
    I restarted my Xara XPro+ application but Danish failed to show.

    Raise it with Xara directly.

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