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although I can think of a shed-load of more onerous tasks I have to do in the name of security... and right now.....
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You want med to erase your membership?
If so, it will take about 48 hours to percolate thorough this rusty system.
Consider it a done deal, though.
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what have I said wrong?
I said I could think of many more onerous tasks than changing the password on TG, in other words it is no problem at all to do that
there are indeed things going on elsewhere at the moment security wise that have generated lots of opportunities for scams as anyone will know, unless they have been living under the proverbial rock...
Both (and PM from another) - I do not see the confusion. @handrawn was pointing out a TG password renewal was far from onerous considering all the recent W10 meltdown problems everyone is currently facing.

I cannot see what @handrawn said was any request to close his TG account.