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    Default PDF export issue


    When I export a document as Commercial Printing Pdf I keep getting an error when the pdf opens, also the images, shapes and text do not show on the pdf.

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    Default Re: PDF export issue

    Hi and welcome. I’m only driving through here and don’t know the answer to your problem, but I would say you probably need to provide a few more details to get a better answer. For example:

    • Which application and version are you using?
    • Can you provide a screenshot or upload the problem document?
    • Can you reproduce the issue with other documents - different fonts and images?
    • Can you provide details of the exact steps and settings that you are using?
    • which pdf reader are you opening the exported file with?
    • what is the actual error and what does it say?

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    Default Re: PDF export issue

    Filferous, welcome to TalkGraphics.

    Is it just the one file or all PDF exports?
    Can you screenshot the design view and the resulting PDF so we can see the differences.
    Can you provide the PDF?

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    Default Re: PDF export issue

    Filiferous : Are you exporting the whole page or just a selection?
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