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    Default Creating this effect in Xara?


    Very simple question which I cannot work out how to create.

    How can I create a rainbow with a unique shape?

    Such as:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've tried making the shape with a line, converting the line to a shape and using borders to extend the line but it doesn't work as the line overlaps the original shape.

    How can I create a rainbow of different shapes?

    I would imagine it's simple but after years of using Xara I cannot work out a way to do it


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    Default Re: Creating this effect in Xara?


    Crete a rectangle, give it a rainbow fill. Select the rainbow rectangle and click Freehand Brush, in the toolbar click on Create Brush and choose Art brush and : voila! Now, you might make the line a bit wider to see the effect.

    I've attached a file, free for use

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    Default Re: Creating this effect in Xara?

    I went the same route but got my gradients from a Windows Snip.
    I then also used the Art Filter > Painting FX to capture some of the random nature of your original.

    My choice of gradient was too little on the Red and too much on the Blue but it gets close.

    Rainbo II.xar

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot 2024-06-07 170507.jpg 
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    Default Re: Creating this effect in Xara?

    Amazing thank you so much ! I had never used that create brush button before

    Works like a charm

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    Default Re: Creating this effect in Xara?

    you're welcome!

    We'd be very glad if you would share the results!

    Allways nice to see what people achieve with this (marvelous) software




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