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    Default Xara 3D in German

    my English isn't the best.
    So I'm wondering if there's a German language pack for Xara 3D?

    I got the following to install:

    Version - Download version (ENG)

    I got the following to install:

    Version - Download version (ENG)

    I know it's the English version, but I would still like to have it in German. Is there any way to do that?

    Thank you very much

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    Default Re: Xara 3D in German

    Tappi, wilkommen zu TalkGraphics.

    There has been no update to X3dv7 since 2011. There has never been a German version.
    Xara no longer seem to want to sell it or make it available for free or bundle it into it Plus desktop versions.

    Google translate:
    Seit 2011 gab es kein Update für X3dv7. Eine deutsche Version hat es nie gegeben.
    Xara scheint es nicht mehr verkaufen oder kostenlos zur Verfügung stellen oder in die Plus-Desktopversionen bündeln zu wollen.
    Acorn - installed Xara software: Cloud+/Pro+ and most others back through time (to CC's Artworks). Contact for technical remediation/consultancy for your web designs.
    When we provide assistance, your responses are valuable as they benefit the community. TG Nuggets you might like. Report faults: Xara Cloud+/Pro+/Magix Legacy; Xara KB & Chat

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    Default Re: Xara 3D in German

    It was added as a 3D title editor to Video Pro X. It is translated to German and also a newer version (DEU) from 2012.

    I'm currently not sure, if it is still available in the newest version of Video Pro X, but it is available in my pretty old version of Video Pro X7. You might check out the demo version of the current version.

    See the screenshots:






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