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Thread: XDP16 defaults

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    Default XDP16 defaults

    Hello, How can I restore defaults in XDP16(I cannot find it anywhere)? For instance line weight does not show.

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    Default Re: XDP16 defaults

    To reset the toolbars:
    On the main toolbar (top of page) Window > Control Bars > Reset

    I'm not using v16, but pretty sure nothing has changed in this instance.

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    Default Re: XDP16 defaults

    The defaults are saved in the .xar document which is used as your new blank document

    With my version of Xara Designer Pro+, the current subscription version, those templates are stored in: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Xara\XtremeProSub\ Sub\Templates\ENG

    Once you have a document behaving how you'd like it (mine is attached), you can click File -> Save As Template, then give it a name and tick the "Set as default" box on the right.

    When you select "Save As Template", it defaults to locating your file in wherever the equivalent of that ENG folder is on your installation - so you could browse to that location and find a file that you'd like to use in there, or open an old file that you like, delete the visible contents, and save that as your default

    I have a bunch of elements that I use often, like a logo, an arrow, box, text, drawings of different cursors etc to use when creating instructions/documentation - I have them saved in my default template so that they're always to hand and my arrows and boxes for annotations are consistent - I removed those but otherwise the template is just A4 landscape, at 100% zoom and set to to pixels as the measurement unit.

    Daniel default.xar




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