v24 has been released for all the Plus products. It was rolled out from May 9-12.

* Video for web blocks and backgrounds,
including a selection of Web Blocks with video backgrounds in the Elements library
* Photo filters in web blocks. Xara is packed with hundreds of preset filters.
* Web export improvements lik
e canonical link set to the domain name.
* Workflow improvements like embedded files and used files shown in Name Gallery.
* Linked text flows now stay as two separate flows when unlinked
* New inventory of quick shapes added to the flyout bar.
* Color picker shortcut
(simply hold down the \ (backslash) key on your keyboard)
* Open and import AVIF files

Huge Elements update with New Website Templates:
New 11 Full Web Templates in Modular Websites > Website Templates > Business
* Added 350+ Web Blocks in Modular Websites > Website Templates > Business
* New 14 Hero Web Blocks in Modular Websites > Web Blocks

Please see the release notes for details.

Release Notes:
Pro+: http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/designer-pro-plus/
Web+: http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/web-designer-plus/
Photo+: http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/photo-graphic-designer-plus/

Offline Product Help File:
EN & DE: https://helpandsupport.xara.com/help-html.zip

You can reach Xara directly through the chat at www.xara.com or via email at www.xara.com/contact-us