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The creative mind is out weighing what blocks actually can do, which is what I’m finding. The creative mind is far ahead of Blocks 2. The creative mind is already on Blocks 3 or 4. Blocks 2 as Gary mentioned is plug and play. The YouTube instructions are elementary Blocks 2. I want my flexible and creative blocks to echo what my creative mind wants.
I couldn't agree more. I've been struggling to find a way to express exactly that.

This whole exercise was to see how close reality came to the marketing. I was slightly surprised. With more practice and knowing the limitations, it wouldn't take too much on Xara's behalf to have this producing simple sites quickly and easily. I do think, in our minds, we need to separate Xara's traditional site building and the Blocks system. They aren't designed to be mixed and matched. Like SuperSites. Never the twain shall meet...unless you employ iframes. I've used iframes for both SuperSites and Blocks with good results.

Going back to Bill's creative mind. At the moment, we have Xara's offering of those giant Lego blocks (Duplo or something). You can build a square tower as high and as wide as you like.
I'm looking for the full Lego version where not everything is up, down, left or right.
Acorn prefers Play-Doh that can have sticks and pipe cleaners stuck into it.

What I would like to avoid is a tower of Duplo with a fancy section of Lego stuck onto it with Play-Doh and sticky tape.
I'd like the Block system to actually work, with limitations, of course. In other words, at least try and make the marketing a little believable.

Employing Bill's creativity: I picture each block as being a tiny site all on its own. Complete with layers, backgrounds, web animations et al. These tiny sites sit on each other shoulders and can be moved up and down, carrying their layers etc with them. Want something sticky to travel the full height of the stacked tiny sites? Pop it on the outside. Want a universal background? Pop it on the outside.

I would like to know the reasoning behind the forced mobile site. The other problems all seem to be fixable niggles, but the forced variant???