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    Default Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Hey there, using 3dsmax.. I'm trying to make a toothbrush with its bristles, brush/collide and deform over teeth. Accurately.

    I have all the models built and the static models renders beautifully through vray.

    Sounds simple enough but I have attempted massFX without luck, the cloth is too soft, the rigid body doesn't seem to have a springback. I've tried fur and hair, and whilst it looks promising, when doing it accurately, the geometry passes through and it also looks like spaghetti. And lastly with particles.. I am battling with the learning curve and stability of particles, flow and deflectors.

    So I just need help! There has to be a simple solution!?

    Any feedback welcomed!

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    Default Re: Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Greg, welcome to TalkGraphics.
    3D animated modelling is not ever simple, especially work trying to simulate a physical system.

    All I can offer is https://duckduckgo.com/?q=3d+animati...brush+bristles.
    The Blender link offers two different approaches that you might be able to adopt in your setup.

    I must try brushing with pasta, though I doubt flossing would be any good.

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    Default Re: Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Haha, id prefer the pasta to brushing with it! thanks for the reply.
    Yes, this tut uses hair dynamics with collision. seems to work literally as a default. without gravity.
    I used a similar approach with max. but the simulation collisions keep pushing the bristles through the teeth.
    it woks a little, but just not accurately. see screenshot. its 70% right. but thats really not great.
    plus.. u can see the spaghetti!
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