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    Default Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Hey there, using 3dsmax.. I'm trying to make a toothbrush with its bristles, brush/collide and deform over teeth. Accurately.

    I have all the models built and the static models renders beautifully through vray.

    Sounds simple enough but I have attempted massFX without luck, the cloth is too soft, the rigid body doesn't seem to have a springback. I've tried fur and hair, and whilst it looks promising, when doing it accurately, the geometry passes through and it also looks like spaghetti. And lastly with particles.. I am battling with the learning curve and stability of particles, flow and deflectors.

    So I just need help! There has to be a simple solution!?

    Any feedback welcomed!

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    Default Re: Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Greg, welcome to TalkGraphics.
    3D animated modelling is not ever simple, especially work trying to simulate a physical system.

    All I can offer is https://duckduckgo.com/?q=3d+animati...brush+bristles.
    The Blender link offers two different approaches that you might be able to adopt in your setup.

    I must try brushing with pasta, though I doubt flossing would be any good.

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    Default Re: Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Haha, id prefer the pasta to brushing with it! thanks for the reply.
    Yes, this tut uses hair dynamics with collision. seems to work literally as a default. without gravity.
    I used a similar approach with max. but the simulation collisions keep pushing the bristles through the teeth.
    it woks a little, but just not accurately. see screenshot. its 70% right. but thats really not great.
    plus.. u can see the spaghetti!
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    Default Re: Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation

    Hello everyone! Greg, I understand your frustration as I had a somewhat similar project where I needed to simulate realistic interactions between soft and rigid bodies in a dynamic environment. It involved complex hair dynamics and collision detection, but in my case, the goal was to create a believable animation of vines growing and wrapping around various objects with different textures and materials. And I struggled to get the vines to interact realistically with the objects.

    First thing that helped me was experimenting with TyFlow in 3ds Max. It offers a level of control and flexibility far beyond the standard particle systems. I adjusted the collision settings and experimented with different forces and it helped me to achieve a more natural interaction between objects.

    Much like your approach, I found that working in smaller segments and incremental iterations was key. Perfecting the interaction in a controlled setting before applying successful settings to the larger scene is very convenient, and it also makes it easier to identify and correct problems without overwhelming the simulation with too many variables.

    Another thing is getting the material properties right. I adjusted the density, friction, and stiffness and fine-tuned the natural interaction, and you can do the same with your teeth/toothbrush interaction. It took several tries to find the right balance though)

    Greg, I hope sharing my experience has helped you at least a little for your situation! Do not hesitate to write back, I will be happy to discuss the details

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    Default Re: Toothbrush Brushing Teeth animation


    What are some effective strategies for simulating realistic interactions between soft and rigid bodies in a dynamic environment, specifically in the context of creating believable animations involving objects such as vines wrapping around different textures and materials?




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