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Yes Acron, THX.
You are right and indeed that was my first approach.
Only difference, I did use the hamburger extra-page as menu approach only on the variant "mobile".
Because I do not want to lose the benefits of a real standard navbar and its capabilities and ease of use.

As result I did have a menu-page in the variant-mobile, with all the items I need and same menu-page on variant-standard, but I leave it blank there and without any link. This way it does not bother.

Maybe I come back to this in my set-up 
Just to state that the Menu page can readily hold "a real standard navbar".

Although the latest Xara iteration allows all Fonts in the sub-menu, the JavaScript used is still limiting and stifles innovation.
Yes, it is very quick and easy to set-up page links and these links are automatically updated on page name changes.

I far prefer curating my own style. Setting up links by hand is not that great a burden.