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    Default Re: Xara Requests, next try

    Well, printing has to be down to the printer and its gamut and ink bleed.

    If, however, you are asking about a source PDF, I tried a a linear page gradient and exported @9600dpi with no complaints.
    I only managed to see banding at 6400% scaling of the PDF.
    I have no idea what dpi a PDF can handle.

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    Default Re: Xara Requests, next try

    although the theoretical size of a PDF file can be very large indeed, according to spec I have you are limited to about 5m [tad under 200 inches] if you use illustrator/acrobat-distiller which is a fair number of pixels... dpi is just a packing ratio, n’est-ce pas?
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    @Acorn, sorry for the late reply, but I was hit by a severe case of food poisoning. Couldn't eat for 5 days. Am better now but still not totally recovered.

    Anyway, yes, I do draw my images as a separate image. They do have different backgrounds from the final image though, so - since part of the image is transparent - I collect all the separate layers into one grouped image and copy/paste that into the final image as vectors. Since there are 53 highly detailed images, you can imagine the sheer amount of vectors, transparences and shades.
    For printing, I can separate the final mandala in parts and have them printed, then assembled together again. Size would be several meters wide, like 5 - 6 meters.
    A high definition version is useful for projecting (zooming in/out) as well.
    I am also looking into projecting this on mountain ranges in the Himalayas. Would be nice to have this in hi-res

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