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Chris, don't be so nit-picky, that's my job.

The typo's a hoot but try and add the video background into your Variant, that's a whole different level of fun.

Do be careful when editing the VC as it has a Group, a Text line and a rectangle, all with the Placeholder code separate for each component.
In the past, with this set-up, I have mistakenly selected only one, made a change and then spent ages trying to unpick my goof.

When I added into a Variant, the CSS fails to detect the page width is actually no longer Main's so it is no longer centred.

Ah well.

I DID use a variant, Main 1280 STF 1440, variant 640. I didn't ungroup the Video Conteiner, just added 'playsonline' (to both variants) and everything worked as expected.

I did notice that, when selecting, the Video Conteiner, I wasn't offered the option to Widget:Edit as is usual with a placeholder. It doesn't change anything, just a curiosity.