I have a simple 3-page site to make. The objective is that one page will be updated every week or so by adding/removing pictures, with a single line of text underneath that contains a link. The text remains the same, the link changes. Simple and as near Noddy proof as it can be, as the person(s) who will be doing the edits have 0.01% interest in this mundane part of the job.

I skip off into the OCC: Modular Websites > Web Blocks > Text and import 21. Text (2c) This will be the section edited weekly.
I edit the text to a single line under both picture holders, drop the pre-sized pictures in, and all is looking good. The ongoing procedure would be 'copy block, change pics, change link, publish'.
Problem: The text box comes with 2 lines of headings and 5 lines of body text as examples. Removing all but the top line leaves a tall, blank text box that I can see no way of reducing. This leaves an overly large gap in the mobile variant.

This next problem is something I can work around/bodge, as the page will be static and not edited, but I'd still like to know how to do it properly.
OCC > Modular Websites > Web Blocks > Get In Touch (Contact) > 16. Contact (1c) How do I change the logos on the buttons?
Also, again, how do I reduce the height of the text box (above the buttons). If I remove all the text, the box remains, and I'm left with ugly spaces above and below the round profile picture.

>>> Blocks.xar <<<