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Thread: Scrolling Text

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    Sorry Egg, the sophistication of your last instruction is lost on me (slow and slowing down learner) but thanks a million for sorting the scrolling text issue.

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    E, another way is to add a new page to your design file then change its width, keeping all others as they are.

    The width of your Placeholder should be this page width and enough for the width of the vertical scrollbar.
    If you do not widen it enough, you will get the horizontal scrollbar too.

    All Egg was suggesting was publish the text separately in a different design file.
    The advantage of this would be to allow you to change it without republishing the main design.
    Proviided the filename of the first page is not index and different from any other pages, you can publish into the same root folder as the main website.

    Keeping it in the one design is simpler and probably safer as a first step.



    From Epyminia:
    Thanks Acorn,
    Believe it or not, I had worked that out for myself! different width texts for mobile and desktop versions...
    I copied your following Posts to a new Thread: https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...tart-Slideshow.
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