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[1] This should be OK, but best to test.

[2] There should only be a placeholder in the mobile variant, not the desktop variant. This is my test site: https://initiostar.co.uk/demo/banner-vid/ (different video using fixed not absolute, but absolute would invoke a scroll). The mobile code can be seen when you squeeze the browser; it uses a simple video tag which should be in a mobile variant placeholder. You can as you suggest just use an image, but the video should work too.

I'm sure we can get it to work.
In fact, your solution works greatl, the reason I used the code in the placeholder is so as not to interfere with the Analytics code, and this is the case where the behavior is not as expected because I changed it without knowing what I'm doing, Sorry if I explained myself badly before, but like you said, I'll try.

Thank you again