The Title says it all.... Deleted an object but it still exports and uploads!
I placed (drag and drop) an MP4 video onto a web page. Then, realising the size of the file was huge deleted it. I then did what I should have done in the first place and uploaded the file to Vimeo and downloaded the embedded script into a place holder and all is well.

However, when I "export website" to my upload folder and look at the contents of the index_htm_files folder there it is - the MP4 file! I again delete it and upload and all's good. However, one day I'm going to forget to check and upload this huge file to my host server.

How come that I deleted it (right click selected and hit the delete button on my keyboard) and it definately disapeared, and yet still gets exported along with the website ?
In case you are wondering, I use FiLeZilla to upload because the website upload facility on Xara packed up ages ago (the infamous 'time out' issue) and I couldn't fix it so gave up.

I would be grateful if someone can point me in the direction of tracking down the whereabouts of this 'deleted' MP4 file so I can be rid of it permanently.
regards to all..