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Thread: Calendars

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    Lightbulb Calendars

    Xara revived the inclusion of Calendar pages after a hiatus of several years.

    Its offerings are very restrictive as it offered up just 2023 in December last, making last minute NY gifts of your best Round Robin letters and family snaps into a calendar package quite a rush!
    Some like to plan ahead or even use calendars further ahead or back in time. That's the thing with dates.

    Xara used its newish Tables for its calendars. All fine and good as they can be flexed to all manner of presentation.
    What instead was actually needed was a set of seven month calendars whose first date is each day of the week and handles 31 days.
    You then need another seven set for the 30-day, 29-day & 28-day months.
    That's a lot of calendars to copy from to paste into a new year calendar but make the Xara offering the more flexible.

    In the web world, one could use code, CSS or even Placeholders to design a calendar for any year. I have.
    The problem comes to straight print where all these props just fall away.

    In the end, I have created a year calendar where all months start on a Monday and have the right number of month days, apart form February, which I set up for a Leap Year. You have to delete that extra day by hand.

    To make it work for any year, you need to know the day of the week for the first of January.
    To the right of each month is a small red box that is invisible on print. It is set to repel text under.
    All you do is Ctrl+Click to select and then drag its right stretch control.
    You stop when the 1 is under the right weekday.
    You start with January and use it to note what day February that year starts.
    Correct for non-Leap Years but repeat the above through all the remaining months.

    My file has 2024 set up and following pages have the 28 month calendars as Xara Tables.

    That way you have two print approaches to pick from.

    Calendar Year.xar

    Notice of other print approaches will be most welcome.

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    Default Re: Calendars

    Really nifty approach, Acorn! Thanks for sharing!

    PS: Works in XDP 19

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    Default Re: Calendars

    Timely. Thanks



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