Thanks for the original post @acorn. I haven’t been using WBs exclusively, but since I’m a little layout challenged from time to time, I’ve been using them to clean up pics with text to the right or left. Also I’ve used their contact functions because I like their designs. There’s a map designed from a full width that I like.

Usually I’ll drag a web block onto a clean page. Edit and Add my pics and text. Then I’ll ungroup and set everything up to my desired width. Adjust a few things, then soft group, copy, and bring it all into my existing site. I’ve found it cleans things up a little bit when a site has become a little unruly. I also like the font selections that are used.

I am considering using WBs for a country music guy that has a site which is doesn’t require a lot of changes. For my other sites WBs is a little too simple.

Finally I do like a functioning hamburger menu. I realize I can construct my own with layers but it’s a bit time consuming.

I think I’m going to purchase xbuilder. I do like what Michals doing and want to support him.