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    Default Painting using a projector and Photoshop

    Hello Everyone!
    Thank you for having me on this site. I would love some pointers in how to use photoshop to create large canvas paintings from photographs. I have a projector.
    In short I would like to be able to break the image I'm using down to, say, 20 - 30 colours. Then, 1 by 1 i would like to be able to project each colour onto my canvas, trace round it and colour it in.
    I have not been able to find any tutorials online. Any help will be hugely appreciated. Thank you
    I am fairly new to PS. I have CS3

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    Default Re: Painting using a projector and Photoshop


    the way to reduce colours in photoshop is to change your image mode to indexed color, selecting the number of colours you require; always work on a copy, not the original image

    however I would then project that image onto the canvas and draw outlines over it and then colour these in using a printed image for reference

    the way you suggest is unlikely to work unless the image is coloured only with flat pure tones, and even then I see no advantage in it

    but of couse, without seeing exactly what it is you are working with and what you wish to achieve, I can only speak from my own experience and I have not used projectors for art in a long long while

    youtube has tons of videos on the use of projectors in art...
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