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    Default Vidoeos put into website multiply into the web_files

    So I noticed yesterday in working on one of the websites that I had between 2-6 of the same videos in the folder name"_files", so dummy deleted all but 1. Ugh, now all videos are not on the website live and I'm having to fix it all.

    I backup all websites, plus Xara backups, thus I didn't want all these videos there..and have so many in the backup taking up so much space.

    Any solution?


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    Default Re: Vidoeos put into website multiply into the web_files

    Sue, why not add them to YouTube instead.
    No space to worry about then, just links.

    The cheap man's YouTube would be to put your videos into one separate Xara file and publish that.
    Then link from the actual site to the video URL.
    The video file ought to have fewer changes as you would be adding, deleting but rarely modifying.

    You could publish the videos to a sub-folder using FTP, bypassing Xara and its many backups.

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    Default Re: Vidoeos put into website multiply into the web_files

    Acorn, I can't do YouTube because of the music I put to the videos..gets blocked! And I've done some videos that way for other websites I've done and very much slower to open, believe it or not..was surprised. But if I can, I'd rather do Youtube.

    Now that is a great idea...I can ftp them up...another project! The only drawback I think is the visual for people, then I'd have to have some picture from the video to entice them...I love your idea!




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