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    Lightbulb Addition to your SVG Rendering

    Dear Xara...

    ...with the new(ish) capability of your HTML Filter generating in-line SVG, it would be another stride ahead if we we able to add a user-define path id to this SVG code.
    When one has a path id, it can be referenced in a <use> statement and the SVG Fill and Stoke is replicated without having to create additional copies of the same path.
    This is faster for the browser and results in small file sizes.
    The <use> attribute requires an HTML ID.
    Currently, I am realising this with JavaScript.

    My suggestion is another special Name, htmlSvgPathId, that take a value: e.g., htmlSvgPathId="henrietta".
    The value is then included by you in the SVG path as its ID: <path id="henrietta" ... ></path>

    Any Anchor (ID) for the SVG Shape is still required unchanged as this allows CSS manipulation of the SVG.

    An example: SVG - use for Cloning.xar - only works for XDAs that output SVG code.

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    Default Re: Addition to your SVG Rendering

    Sounds like a simple yet useful feature to me Acorn.

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