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    Default Brushed Alt Rainbow Spirals Stereogram

    More fun with spirals and Art Brushes.

    I also used an Art Brush to create the spiral for the depth image.

    For the rainbow spirals I created a tiny rectangular brush 4 pixels wide by 48 pixels tall. The brush has no outline or fill.

    Towards the bottom of the brush I added a tiny rectangle 4 pixels wide and .75 pixel tall to which I applied an Alt Rainbow fill. This minuscule rectangle applied the spiral extended the entire rainbow fill to the the spiral. The rest of the brush rectangle does not show because it has no fill or outline.

    All of the repeating spirals are vectors with the Art Brush applied.
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    Default Re: Brushed Alt Rainbow Spirals Stereogram

    Gary, thank you for sharing your construction details.

    In this design, the Art Brush "padding", making the spiral length into a rainbow, is very effective.
    I get the illusion that red tops purple, giving even more depth.

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