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    Default Re: Is there a way to make my lines slightly 'wobbly' as if drawn by hand in XDPX?

    Quote Originally Posted by shiphen View Post
    4. Also is there any way to straighten the line (slightly afterwards) rather than trying to sort of brush them back into shape?
    The power lies is the random controls of Edit Brush for a scatter brush but you didn't want any lumpiness in the line.

    I have found the best effect is to shape the Warp to be 100px, 45deg and 150 roundness.
    If you have the Nib inside the shape you can move to the edge NSEW and achieve a gentle pucker.
    Holding the Shift key also can add to the distortion.
    Finally switch to the Shape tool, select all controls and smooth., deleting or moving unwanted controls.

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