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    Default Saving 3D effect as SVG.

    If I apply an effect using the 3D extrusion tool on text, or an object, and then save it as an SVG, it opens as a bitmap image.
    Is this what is suppose to happen or am I missing a step?


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    Default Re: Saving 3D effect as SVG.

    it will happen

    xara extrusion is not a true vector
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    Default Re: Saving 3D effect as SVG.

    saffo, this is where XDPX or XPro+ might come into their element.
    Instead of an Extrusion, you would create a Blend.

    The outer shapes should be well-defined shapes that would export separately as SVGs. Text would probably be best changed to shapes.
    A Blend can have a different start and end, a large number of steps with a position profile and can fit to a Line.
    What you then do is Convert to Editable Shapes and ensure the output is separate shapes before you export as SVG.

    Look it as the same as adding a Shadow (bitmap) versus a Clone under changed to Grey Fill and with some transparency (vector). Well, mostly.

    What you are after with an SVG is usually done as a collection of SVG Filters.
    Xara cannot do that directly.
    You could have a play at https://svgfilters.com to see what is possible.

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    Default Re: Saving 3D effect as SVG.

    Thanks handrawn ... extruded objects seem to behave like vector objects within Xara, but just can't seem to make the leap into an SVG file.

    Hi Acorn ... I've never really looked at the other Xara products. It would be a nice feature if the 3D tool flattened the object before exporting to an SVG. Using the blend tool is a great idea, although I'll need a bit more experience using it.
    I looked at https://svgfilters.com, seems like quite the learning curve ... for me anyways.


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    Default Re: Saving 3D effect as SVG.

    The 3D Xara creates is ideal for giving a guide for you to create a 3D vector for export as svg.
    I attach a xar file showing how I recreated the 3D cube drawing above it, which was then imported into SVGator and animated. Of course you can't recreate the lighting highlights as the cube rotates.

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