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    Default Safari and Facebook

    I think this relates to a security feature on iPhone / in Safari rather than being an incompatibility problem.

    With a Facebook feed inserted into a xara built page the feed loads fine on Android devices and in chrome, Firefox and edge on desktop, but on iPhone there's just a blank white space where the feed should be. If you change the setting in safari to preferences, privacy, then unchecking hide IP address from trackers then it works and displays the feed as normal.

    Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done about it? because hide ip seems to be the default setting at least on the newer iPhones and I'm guessing fb is trying to use some kind of cookie in displaying the feed so anyone using an iPhone to view the site won't see the fb feed unless they've gone in and manually disabled that setting in their phone for some other reason.

    Or perhaps there's a way to show the feed that works with safari?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Safari and Facebook

    Facebook is a horrific privacy violator and I suspect Apple is by default blocking Facebook. I use Firefox on my desktop computer and they have a add on "Facebook Container" that blocks Facebook from following you around the internet. Any page you visit that has a Facebook button of any sort, Follow, Like etc. lets Facebook follow you as you visit different pages. Even if you are not a Facebook member.
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    Default Re: Safari and Facebook

    Is your Xara-design site using SSL? If not, you may see such problems as browsers nowadays do not mix non-secure and secure components.

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    Default Re: Safari and Facebook

    Thanks both for your replies. Thought it might be something to do with tracking and it being blocked.

    The site does have an SSL installed.

    Is there anything that can be done with it, or is it just generally accepted that Safari / iPhones don't load fb?

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    Default Re: Safari and Facebook

    you mention hide IP adresses but your issue may actually be with the prevent cross-site tracking settings [also in privacy]

    I don't use Safari, like gary I use firefox, but i understand safari also has this option

    you may find this link helps? :


    generally we are moving towards the user [ie the visitor to the site] being more in control of what they experience should they choose to decline things
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    Default Re: Safari and Facebook

    Thank you all for the info. Interesting read.
    I guess with that in mind there's nothing I can do to bypass it and have the FB feed display on safari / iPhone without the user manually going on and changing a setting because it seems the presence of a feed or even a like button would cause the same issue of it being effectively blocked




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