We’ve released another big content update for Xara Designer Pro+, Photo & Graphic Designer+ and Web Designer+, adding 1200 new photo filter overlays, making it easy to create an almost infinite number of photo effects. That means we’ve added nearly 2500 photo overlays in the last 3 months, not to mention over 20 web themes, more than 70 table designs for the new Table Tool, 40+ social media buttons & more.

Check out all the new content added since September on our What’s New page:
What's New in Designer Pro+
What's New in Web Designer+
What's New in Photo & Graphic Designer+

Nb The new content is in the Plus versions only (the option available at xara.com). If you have any questions about the new content or the Plus versions we’d be very happy to hear from you via chat on xara.com (just click the Chat button on our home page).

Kate @ Xara