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Thread: Prisma image

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    Default Prisma image

    Hi, this ones created using the Surf and then the Drawing filter with the vibrancy turned down to remove any colour. I like this one showing the tiny 37 foot harbour ferry hustling through the 1,300 foot long, 24,000 (TEU) container capacity container ships at Felixstowe. The ferry isn't even as long as a single 40 foot container these giants convey!
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    Very remarkable. A person has to view it extensively to take in all the detail. Excellent Egg!


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    Did you mean Image? Nice effect. Curly Hair and Heisenberg do a good line art effect as well.
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    Engaging photo. Those Prisma filters really make the text pop.

    According to ‘VesselFinder’ the MSC SORAYA is now moored in Cape Town, South Africa and MADISON MAERSK is in Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia.
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