We've released a couple of updates to Xara Designer Pro+, Web Designer+ and Photo & Graphic Designer+, which are now on v22.4. In particular look out for some important improvements to the new Table Tool, especially the ability to copy and paste data from external sources such as spreadsheets straight into your Xara tables.

The 2022 template bonanza also continues with another 12 new web themes added to the Designer Pro+ and Web Designer+ Online Content Catalog today, you’ll find them in the OCC What’s New folder.

As always you can find a short summary of what's new on the Xara site @
What's New in Designer Pro+
What's New in Web Designer+
What's New in Photo & Graphic Designer+

and the full info in our Release Notes at
Designer Pro+ Release Notes
Web Designer+ Release Notes
Photo & Graphic Designer+ Release Notes

Note these updates are in the Plus version only, available direct from Xara.

Kate @ Xara