There have been 2 BIG updates to the Online Content Catalog in the last 10 days, for Designer Pro+, Photo & Graphic Designer+ and Web Designer+. If you have the Plus versions you’ll find all these new choices in the Content Catalog:

  • Almost 1300 new photo filter overlays
  • 2 website themes, in addition to the 20 added last month (WD and Pro only)
  • 57 tables so you can make the most of the new table tool
  • 42 social media buttons
  • 125 ‘fancy’ buttons (PGD and Pro only)
  • 3 food menus (PGD and Pro only)
  • 1 invoice (PGD and Pro only)

You’ll find more info in What’s New on the Xara site @
What's New in Designer Pro+
What's New in Web Designer+
What's New in Photo & Graphic Designer+

Nb The new content is in the Plus versions only (the option available at If you have any questions about the new content or the Plus versions we’d be very happy to hear from you via chat on (just click the Chat button on our home page).

Kate @ Xara