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    Default Landing Page Example.

    I've never submitted a web site, etc. on here before but I thought "why not?".

    This is a new landing page built with Xara Web Designer Premium 18: https://www.phonepad.au/

    I've built quite a few websites and landing pages with XWD over the years. The interesting thing is I have played with other web design software (NicePage, WYSIWYG Web Builder, and some others - am I allowed to mention these?) but I keep coming back to Xara because it's so flexible and easy to design with. With other software I've found that I'm always fighting it as it tries to force me to conform to the way it works. With Xara I have freedom of design.

    Anyway, here it is for what it's worth, good or bad: https://www.phonepad.au/

    = Steve

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    Default Re: Landing Page Example.

    Steve, you can mention any software you like.

    Is PhonePad franchised though Cybercom Software?
    I found https://www.cybercom-software.com/phonepad.htm, which is also based on a Xara design.
    The detail and coverage in this one is what I would expect.

    Neither site covers any European Privacy Laws | GDPR & ePrivacy Directive | US Compliance detail.

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