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Thread: Pickle horror

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    Hi again, gang! I've created another t-shirt/poster design. This one is preliminary - no color, and not all of the cleanup is done. But I think there's enough there to get the gist of it. As always, I'd love your feedback, and thanks!

    (BTW, I originally had faces and limbs on the olive and pickle, then removed them, thinking it was a bit too gruesome. I'd rather lean on the funny here, if there is any).
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    Is he Kosher? Or Dill? Or both?

    I would simplify and just keep the pickle. Maybe call it pickle man.
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    I await to see the colour version!
    Otherwise, looking very good.

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    Thanks GW, but the title Vlasic the Impaler is supposed to be a takeoff on Vlad the Impaler.

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    Wish we could edit our posts here...

    Well, I think this design's gag is a bit too obscure, plus there may be trademark issues (Vlasic being a known pickle brand) so I think I'll scrap it. No biggie. I had my own doubts about it, which is why I didn't finish it. :P

    If the moderator could delete this thread, that would be great!

    Again - I do appreciate your feedback - you're helping me improve. Thanks!




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