We've just released an update to Xara Designer Pro+, Web Designer+ and Photo & Graphic Designer+, v22.2. Featuring improvements to our new table tool (I know, you didnít think it could get even better :-), a flexible new option for Repeating Objects, and some tweaks to the Selector Tool, amongst other updates.

You can find a short summary of what's new on the Xara site @
What's New in Designer Pro+
What's New in Web Designer+
What's New in Photo & Graphic Designer+

and as always the full info in our Release Notes at
Designer Pro+ Release Notes
Web Designer+ Release Notes
Photo & Graphic Designer+ Release Notes

Nb This update is in the Plus version only (the option available at xara.com). Why not download the trial and give it a spin, if you're not already on +.

Kate @ Xara