1. MS Edge Browser - may also work in Chrome
  2. Boxy SVG
  3. Unzipped
  4. XDA that does not use IE for Preview

If you have an early XDA that still uses Internet Explorer then you will get an error message from Xara if you drag boxy.xwr onto your design page.
Later XDAs use a built-in MS Edge browser for Preview so boxy.xwr will work.
Failing this you have to have MS Edge installed as one of your browsers and open Boxy SVG directly from the link above.

If you are not able to use boxy.xwr then getting your SVG design into your XDA is a bit more manual:
  • You Paste the Outer SVG code into a prepared Placeholder.

This approach renders the SVG image directly and has not converted it to Xara Shapes so it can be used in XDAs as far back as version 10.
It is also useful in later XDAs where you do not want other use SVGs throughout the site as too many make the index.htm very large.


Construction of body.xwr:
- if registered, Save locally to be able to re-edit after
- Click on the SVG Text, top-left
- Expand Elements
- Right-click and copy Outer SVG code
- Press the Widget Insert button
- Clip the Leave button on the pop-up

The <Classes /> tag add the presented ClassName (box0 as an additional class for the Placeholder.