Xara has just added a new Partner that enables Xara Cloud to access editable, vector icons
The partner is https://www.flaticon.com/ and I am guessing this addition is part of the earlier blurb this month:
Xara ecosystem coming soon
Plug-ins, partners, and new integrations made available.
Extended creative asset library
Access millions of images, icons, shapes, filters, and effects.
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If you had a free account with FlatIcon, all you would get is a PNG download and the requirement of having to attribute every use.
Xara adds the SVG/EPS icon as a Group of shapes so this with XDAs that do not have SVG rendering can still use them.
There is no direct transfer from Xara Cloud to an XDA, you have to update a common file. I still think this needs addressing.

The subsequent editing just uses the tools in Xara Cloud. Xara espouses the concept of Asset Branding in the Cloud; more XDA designer are not into marketing so would uses the XDA's power of Theme Colours to achieve the same purpose. It will be the same underlying code for both, just packaged differently.

If you are into Poo emojis then you have hit pay dirt.
The range of icons is quite inclusive covering monochrome, gradient and filled.
Overall, a useful addition to Xara Cloud. They ought to be accessible within the Plus XDAs.