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    Default How to keep the arrowheads from enlarging

    OS: Windows10
    Adobe Illustrator Version: 102411.26

    1. I understand how to draw a dashed line
    2. I understand how to add arrowheads to that line
    3. When I copy and paste it, and then lengthen it, the arrowheads increase in size
    4. How to change the length without the arrowheads becoming larger?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: How to keep the arrowheads from enlarging

    back in the day, when I used illustrator you could add arrowheads to a line in more than one way, one of which was editable independantly and the other not; the details I forget, but maybe that is where you should be looking...
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    Default Re: How to keep the arrowheads from enlarging

    Out of curiosity I fired up my old copy of Illustrator CS2 (v12) to remind myself how arrowheads were applied.

    It seems arrowhead sizes are scaled as a percentage of the line width.

    Once drawn they can be changed by double clicking 'Add Arrowheads' in the appearance panel (1), then the scale adjusted in the 'Add Arrowheads' panel (2).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	illy arrow.png 
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    Maybe draw all the lines first, then add arrowheads.
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