After version 9 of the Xara Desktop Application (XDA), Xara switched to delivering its template and components on-line.
This is called the Xara Online Content Catalogue (OCC).

Versions 10 & 11 OCCs are free forever as is the licence to use the XDA.
Magix-sold XDAs still have forever use of the application but the OCC access is removed when the XDA's Update Service expires.
This allows Magix to generate update sales more forcibly.

All XDAs have the capability to locally download the entire OCC contents.
Once downloaded, they are cached on your device and can be used forever within that XDA and even between XDAs.
As you Import individual components or website assets in your design, they are automatically added into your local cache.
It is only after your Update Service has expired or the OCC server is out-of-action, you come to realise you may not be able to import a required resource.

Before your Magix Update Service has lapsed or as a precautionary step, it is recommended you download all the OCC to your machine.
The steps are simple and explained briefly in
You do need to repeat the right-click on Category folder > Download All action on all of the given Category Folders.
For designer Pro X/+, there is a lot of content so expect a long download time and a large download size, in the order of 3GB.

To check if the MagiXara OCC servers are around, you can click on one of these links for your XDA:

Interesting that there is no new one for XDAv19, even XPro+v22 used OCCv18, the last link.

For those who want to know where their downloads are, they exist in %localappdata%\Xara\ subfolders depending on your purchases.
Select your Product (XDA) folder then your Version folder and into the Cache folder.
Your content is in design/eng/, if you have an English version.

The following is gleaned from personal experience:
  • Always download your second licensed XDA to another device.
  • You must use the Design gallery Download All for this second copy as well. Copy & Paste between devices is possible.
  • You must Download All for each new XDA version installation. Disc designs linking to prior downloads is possibly.
  • Your Cache is at risk.
    • Xara chose to use the AppData folder for convenience but that convenience allows for casual deletions.
    • Xara can, and has, trashed the Cache on you computer. It got the catindex.txt files muddled and this allows the Cache to be updated incorrectly. Saving a (large) copy helps.

  • After OCC expiry, separately link to OCCv12 or above to use it to provide a search mechanism. All you can achieve is locating the Category sub-folder to allow you to guess where in your Local Design gallery, the compoent is waiting.
    • I have used Notepad++ against all the catindex.txt files as a better alternative.