Hello crew!

We wanted to give you the inside scoop before the news got out.

Xara's creative tools are changing to close the gap between creativity and design possibilities with the re-imagined Designer Pro+, Web Designer+ and Photo & Graphic Designer+ ��

Re-imagined creative tools, features and services.

The tools that you know and love are getting even better, with more premium features and services.

A few details of what’s coming up:

✅ All our Plus tools (Designer Pro+, Web Designer+, and Photo & Graphic Designer+) have a great new interface.✨
✅ A Premium template & creative asset library with regular updates (coming soon).
✅ Support, training, and user-requested features to support improved quality.
✅ An eventual cross-product connection through storage
✅ And all the bells and whistles mentioned here ��

Download them and try them out

Designer Pro+
Photo & Graphic Designer+
Web Designer+

What does it mean for you?

We want you to experience more at the lowest upfront cost. As a pre-launch exclusive you’ll get the tools at 40% off your annual subscription with code EARLYBIRD07