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    Default align layer #1 text to background guidelines

    Let's say I'm making labels and I've drawn background guidelines and I've locked them.

    Then, on layer #1, I add text.

    Is it possible to center layer #1's text based upon the background guidelines without moving the guidelines?

    I hope this makes sense.

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    Default Re: align layer #1 text to background guidelines

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    Can you be more specific in your profile as to which Xara software and version you are using?

    And I am not quite clear what you are trying to accomplish with the text and the label.

    I would format all the text as center justified. If you have your label centered on the page, then you can use the Alignment menu to center all selected text on the page.
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    Default Re: align layer #1 text to background guidelines

    In the Text tool, Centre align then drag the left and right controls to snap to the guides.

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