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    Default question on groups

    I made a text box
    added a photo to the layer
    clicked the photo and said repel text
    works as I wanted
    added a line above and line below
    tried to group all together
    got an error saying can not group with an anchored photo?

    I tried again = with a new section of text and photo with repel text
    but then did not click anchor with text
    this time I could make a group of the text, photo and line
    (and now that the photo was grouped with the text, when I moved the group
    the photo held its position in the text block)

    is that just another quirk in the program?
    or do I need to do something different

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    Default Re: question on groups

    TD, when you Anchor an image to a Text Area, you create a Anchored Group of the image and the Text Area is outside that group so when you move the image, you can reposition it relative to the text (which is sensible). If you move the text the image sticks to the text.
    That said, I do not get any error when grouping text above & below with a Repel image anchored to some other text.

    Your second approach is only different in that the concept of Anchoring is not being used so the movement of text or image does not affect the other.

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    Default Re: question on groups

    i have no need to group items that gave an anchored image
    just playing around
    but for sure do get the error saying not permitted

    thanks for feed back




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