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    Default Re: New Laptop Designer Pro + Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by David Strover View Post
    We have moved to Scotland and TalkTalk don't supply to the village we moved to so we changed to Sky as an ISP and they have a 'shield' on the service which is on a default setting of 13+ blocking porn, gore and violence but for some reason it also blocked Xara's online stuff [perhaps because it begins with X?] anyway I added Xara as an allowed site and upped the rating to 18 and all is solved.
    My stupid fault, I even thought of this much early but thought it was too easy and simple to be the problem.
    Anyway just in case anyone gets a similar problem that was my solution.
    So in summary, move to Scotland!

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    Default Re: New Laptop Designer Pro + Problems

    don't feel bad about it, I thought 'could it be the router settings' but you'd made no mention of changing your ISP; I should have mentioned it...
    is it true that we stand on the very edge of an abyss?
    no,of couse not - we used to, but since then we have taken a great step forward...
    Wyrd bi ful ard




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