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    Default Width of websites in 2022?


    since a long time I make websites with XD Pro always in 1200px wide. The question is whether this is so today (2022) not necessary or you can also go to larger widths. For example 1240px, 1280px or above? And for mobile versions instead of 480px e.g. 540 px. Also I only do 2 variants, so no variant in 7xxpx.
    Or is that not recommended?

    Thanks for any comments,


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    Default Re: Width of websites in 2022?

    TomTom, I find Main 1440px, single Variant 720px and set Scale to Fit Width 1600px works.
    I make the Variant font sizes 50% larger so are still readable at 480/720 scaling.

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    Default Re: Width of websites in 2022?

    TomTom. Always an interesting discussion. Iím running 1050 px, and 480 for mobile. Acorn brings up the great scale to fit width which is a great feature that Iím just exploring on my sites. I find the settings I mention bodes well for tablets as well.
    Itís an interesting discussion because designers and office workers are using larger screens. Mobile now is 60% in viewership.
    Iím starting to think about designs that are viewed in landscape on mobile phones.
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    Default Re: Width of websites in 2022?

    Thanks so far to everyone. I think I will do here some future test also with Scale to Fit Width.


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    Default Re: Width of websites in 2022?

    Think of it as what is comfortable and convenient for your visitors. If your site width is 3800pixels which is an exaggeration but how easy is it for your visitor to get around.

    People generally visit a website for specific information. The easier you can make the experience of finding that information, the happier your visitor will be.
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