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Thread: True space eh?

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    You are of course quite right....
    Nothing lasts forever...

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    Realsoft 3D is still my personal favourite, but for the modelling nothing beats Metasequoia. It does just about everything right and can also be used for rendering the models directly as it has support for Renderman, and most likely is the easiest way to play with Non Commercial Renderman. Metasequoia also now has own physically based path tracing renderer that seems to be pretty good.

    Renderman in action
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MetaseqRenderman.png 
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    Own PBR renderer in action
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MetaseqPBR.jpg 
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    Realsoft 3D version 8 is only 200 EUR, so pretty affordable and best of all no forced subscription to use the software. User interface looks pretty much the same but has Svg icons and works now properly with high resolution displays. Chrono and Dynatomic are now included with the software and there is now photon map option for lighting.

    Generally it works better than the previous version but there is still some stability issues like software crashing and closing unexpectly.

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    Nice work,

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    Is there a time-out free version of this? I'd love top try this out.

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    There is free version of Metasequoia 4 but it is more limited (works without license), and it is also possible to get 30 day trial license to test all the features.

    License for the EX version is easily worth that 150 USD. I bought my EX license in 2015 and all the updates have been free, so lots of software for that small amount of money.

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    Looks like this in Realsoft3D v.8

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Realsoft3dv8Scr.png 
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    Personally I like the interface and prefer light colours in UI over dark. Compare this to Carrara and Carrara comes up pretty horrible, at least on high resolution monitor.




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